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Amazing Julia!

I’m a huge fan of the Nerdist podcast. Today, I listened to the episode with astronomer Summer Ash and was blown away. Not just with what an inspiring and amazing person Summer is, but the episode gave me a new appreciation for my own amazing girl. Summer had open heart surgery at 36 and talked about surgery, recovery and how challenging it was for her. Listening to her, I couldn’t help thinking… Wow. Julia was 11 when she had a full sternotomy and pulmonary valve replacement. I feel so blessed and thankful that my super amazing, awesome girl is who she is. Best cardiac patient ever. Also glad we had our experience at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center with the wonderful people at Children’s Heart Group. Thank you, Dr. Clark. And Dr. Wolfe. And everyone at Hershey Medical. And a big thank you to Summer for reminding me what a special 13-year-old I have. This pic is from her first day home – day 4 post op. Yes, we’re playing a board game 🙂

Julia has had many surgeries there and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks for always looking out for our girl! – Cathy Wagner

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