Inspired Together

An inspiring moment from the communities we serve.

Emma & friends – A Gift for Brandy!

Our 45 Caring Hearts volunteers and their pets who regularly visit the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey every month as part of the House’s Pet Therapy Program were recently surprised to be greeted by 3 large baskets FULL of pet blankets/scarves. All items hand-made by Emma and her friends at the Hershey Medical Center Eating Disorder Clinic!

Emma and her family were guests of the House while Emma was in treatment. Emma’s favorite part of being at the House was the Pet Therapy Program! Two of our Caring Hearts volunteers and their pets also visit the Hershey Medical Center Eating Disorder Clinic where Emma received treatment. Emma and her friends made extra small/small, medium and large pet blankets/scarves! In the photo, Caring Hearts “Brandy” Black is modeling one of the hand-made blankets/scarves. She looks great!

We would like to sincerely thank Emma and her friends at the Eating Disorder Clinic for this very thoughtful gift for our therapy pets who visit the House. This is what pet therapy is all about and why we all do this – our pets can truly impact those we visit. We are Inspired everyday!

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