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Happy 6th Birthday!

The NICU was amazing! My daughter transferred there shortly after an emergency c-section two months early. I wasn’t released from the other hospital for five days. The understanding and assistance I received when I finally got to see her it was beyond outstanding. The nurses were top notch caring for her and helping me understand every step of growth! This was in August of ’10 and tears come to my eyes still thinking of their kindness. My daughter not only survived but she thrived and went on to be a perfectly healthy girl that touches everyone’s heart!
Thank you for a great start! 24 days seemed so long but in reality, it wasn’t long at all. Those nurses and aides are saints!

We celebrated her 6th birthday this past August. She’s a first grader and doing well. I can’t thank the NICU enough. They saved her life as the first three days were rather scary I was told.

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