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Hello, Josiah!

Finally on our way home with our healthy baby boy. This past week has been an emotional and physical roller coaster. I’m grateful for having a wonderful husband who has held my hand every step of the way, even during the most difficult and scary moments. We’re grateful for our beautiful daughter who made cards for every baby in the NICU. We’re so thankful for the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff at Hershey Med NICU for going above and beyond for our son. We’re grateful for the encouraging words, kind thoughts, and prayers from family and friends. This has been a life-changing¬†experience and we feel more gratitude than ever. We love you, Josiah Sky Hernandez. You are truly living up to your name: “Healed by God”. We’re so excited to see you grow and reach the sky in the most amazing ways. Te Amo Mi Cielito! Handsome like his father. – Mariela Andrea

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