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Ian – Smart, funny and heart strong!

Our son Ian will be 17 on February 06. Ian was born 10 weeks premature and with TGA. Thank God for Dr. Myers. At just 3 pounds Ian was the smallest baby that Dr. Myers had done the switch on. I had many tell me that if anyone could successfully perform it on such a small baby, Dr. Myers was it. Ian is smart, funny, and heart strong. Many thanks as well to Dr. Cyran and the CHG for Ian’s ongoing cardiac care. They are second to none.

A big shout out and thank you as well to the PICU and NICU teams there. Even when Ian suffered life threatening complications and we were told he was the “sickest child” in the PICU, Dr. Tomas never gave up hope for Ian. He and other staff members would tell us the many miracle stories they had witnessed. I never can drive past the Medical Center without stopping to reflect on our experiences there, and to remember how blessed we are to have had so many skilled and caring people to see us through that difficult time. Having a child with a CHD is a difficult road for families, but Penn State Hershey has been beside us every step of the way.– Chrissie Bear Cooper

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