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Incoming medical student class receives white coatsWelcome Class of 2020. Incoming medical student class receives white coats

Members of the medical student class of 2020 were presented and “cloaked” with their official white coat on July 29 at the Hershey Lodge. The ceremony symbolized the student’s entrance into the medical profession as student physicians. After receiving their coats, they recited an oath of professionalism that they wrote together during the weeks preceding the ceremony.

Six alumni of the College of Medicine have a child who participated in the ceremony.

The Office of Medical Student Admissions began accepting applications for this entering class in July of 2015. It processed a total of 9,675 initial applications. Senior members of the admissions committee screened 6,865 completed applications, making interview recommendations which resulted in 911 interviewed applicants. Approximately 400 acceptances were extended, with 144 students matriculating to the College of Medicine.

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