Inspired Together

An inspiring moment from the communities we serve.

Inspired by Chase!

Yesterday was “THE” Day. The day where Chase delivered his Monsters to The Hershey Children’s Hospital at Milton S. Hershey Medical Centerl. He was nervous and excited all at once. He carried both bags of Monsters in all by himself and even gave one of them to an adorable little girl who was heading in for some scans. That was a humbling moment for both of us. A huge Thank You goes out to Sara M. at the Child Life Program for making this journey a possibility for our Little Guy. He can’t wait to hear how happy his Monsters make the boys and girls. We ended up donating a total of 75 monsters and the Children’s hospital has 72 beds, so every child will be able to have a Monster. During this journey, we also handed out 28 Monsters to those in need. Not too bad. We have lots of plans to continue on with Monster Making. Thank you to everyone for all of your help and support. – Cooper’s Monsters Creations

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