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Inspired by Kaden!

Thank you, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Weber and Dr. Myers. Kaden was born at 35 weeks with TOF. From the time we knew there was a problem they stepped in to make sure that things were in place for not only for him but myself as well. My little 3lb 3oz baby was fighting for his life and they were right there every step of the way. The NICU team was amazing. His nurse Nancy was amazing and answered every question I had and helped me the time he was there. His cardiac team I have the most respect for. They not only saved him once or twice but countless times. Thank you all for your amazing work and your love of the job to help these children and reassure their families that everything will be ok. This year we celebrate 10 yrs with Kaden. Our family can’t thank you enough. –¬†Brandi Brandl

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