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Inspired by Randy

#WhyWeWalkWednesday With just 10 Days left until the Hershey Walk to Defeat ALS presented byMilton S. Hershey Medical Center, Lisa Walker shares this picture and story about organizing the team Ruben’s Raiders in honor of her husband Randy. Join them at

Randy was diagnosed with ALS in January 2014 at Hershey Medical Center. His symptoms started in July of 2013 with slurred speech and today his speech is pretty much gone and he needs help with many things. Despite that, Randy has a great attitude and an inspiration because he refuses to let this diagnosis define him. He is our hero!

When Randy was diagnosed, we quickly got involved in the Walk to Defeat ALS because it is important to our family to find a cure. We love the Hershey team and are so thankful to all of them, so when we walk, we walk for Randy, for the amazing caregivers at Hershey Medical Center, and all of our friends that we have met along the way.

In 2014, we had a few people in our team and then we grew more the next year. This year, Randy says he wants to have the biggest team at the walk and our family is working hard to make that possible. He asks for so little and I want to do this for him. His high school classmates are helping, my coworkers are helping, as are family and friends from all over. Our daughter is a huge help as well.

We have learned through this journey that we are never alone. We have the Chapter, the team at Hershey Medical Center, and a circle of support from the ALS community. We are looking forward to being with our ALS family again. Randy is always smiling and we are going to give him a big reason to smile on June 4th at the walk. Please join us at

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