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Our special little gift.

Our son Matty is profoundly deaf and has been losing his vision and is no stranger to being a patient. Today we were back for another anesthesia and we weren’t in the Children’s Hospital because of equipment he needed to look at his eyes. But because of one very special nurse anesthetist who has followed Matty through all of his procedures, Matty had an incredible day. Jess met him right away, and Matty called her his “girlfriend”. He trusts her whole heartedly which is a priceless gift. She herself did all of his pre-op eye drops. When she asked him “can I listen to your heart?” I signed it to him and he pointed at my bag. I was confused and he pulled out Superman stickers she had given him and sure enough one was a pink heart and he took it and put it on his heart and they then signed heart together. He went off to sleep with me at his side completely trusting of Jess and all of her friends in the OR and the PACU. For a parent of a child with special needs – especially one that can’t hear or speak – Jess is clearly one of Matty’s angels and we adore her. Thanks to her and all of the staff that took great care of our special little gift today – Melissa Stobart Roslevege


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