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The Read Family – ‘Thank you’

I am a mother of three and also a physician. I’ve come into contact with thousands of doctors throughout my career and there are several that have left me in awe because they are so good at what they do. My children’s pediatrician is one of them and I wanted to acknowledge him since saying ‘thank you’ at the end of the visits just doesn’t feel like enough. One can imagine with three small children, we visit the pediatrician a lot. Most people don’t look forward to going to the doctors office and it’s no different for our family. That being said, it’s always a pleasant experience and it’s in great part due to their doctor and the wonderful support staff on Nyes Road.

Dr. Mark Baker is an outstanding clinician, he is so kind and caring and he is exceptional with children. My kids are often afraid of visiting because they are either sick and feel lousy or they know that shots are a possibility during the visit. Dr. Baker makes them feel at ease and he always makes sure to include them in their care – although they are only 5, 3 and less then a year it’s something that I don’t always see health care workers do and it’s so important to lay a foundation for future encounters. His nurse Melissa is phenomenal with children and she is also so understanding and caring. Thank you for always taking such wonderful care of my children! – Selina Read

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